October 25th, 2014

They’re baaaaaack…

Freedom DOS

As part of a MRL training program, I put together a virtual machine with some goodies for the other members to break into. The VM is scheduled to go on-line this Sunday, but I wanted to give a sneak peek of some of the files. Because I don’t want to give away the base operating system, I copied the files to the most screwed-up distribution I could come up with, then connected it to the network:

Shmoocon Video

The videos from the Shmoocon event this year are now (finally) available online for your direct download and viewing pleasure (see the movie links for each talk in the schedule). They’re not all online yet, but they’re going to be putting them all up soon.  Thanks Shmoo!

Comparison of source control systems

While updating our list of web source repositories, I found this page by well-known hacker Shlomi Fish, where you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about your source control options.

It’s also worth noting that Perl apparently doesn’t have a web-accessible source repository, which surprises me.

Milpitas gets broadband wi-fi

Looks like Milpitas (about 15 miles from MRL HQ) will be getting wi-fi coverage for about half of “midtown” (I didn’t know milipitas had a downtown, much less a midtown) from Earthlink. They say that it will “enable municipal employees work in the field without having to return to an office”. I wonder how security is being setup for all of these new municipal wi-fi networks. Wi-fi networking news has referenced about half dozen of these projects just in the last couple days.
[linked from wi-fi networking news]

Security through begging

From TechDirt and Schneier:

Last summer, the surprising news came out that Japanese nuclear secrets leaked out, after a contractor was allowed to connect his personal virus-infested computer to the network at a nuclear power plant. The contractor had a file sharing app on his laptop as well, and suddenly nuclear secrets were available to plenty of kids just trying to download the latest hit single. It’s only taken about nine months for the government to come up with its suggestion on how to prevent future leaks of this nature: begging all Japanese citizens not to use file sharing systems — so that the next time this happens, there won’t be anyone on the network to download such documents.

Yeah, that’ll work. Good thing he didn’t beg the rest of the world to do the same, otherwise we’d have to find a new place for our Japanese nuclear secrets. Why did it take them nine months for a response of “uhm, please?

Canadian police bust wardriver

The story is light on details, but it looks like police in Ontario busted someone for wardriving. Here is a quick excerpt:

Ontario Provincial Police charged a 25-year-old man last week under
Section 326 of the Criminal Code - "Theft of Communications."

The OPP allege the man was using his lap top computer to steal a wireless
Internet connection in Morrisburg.

This appears not to be related to this much more disturbing incident from a couple years back (also in Canada) which Det. Sgt. Paul Gillespie called “a relatively interesting set of events“.

[link via Michael Geist]

Flash memory 101

eeTimes had a link to this introductory primer to NAND and NOR flash technology today.

gdb: the grumpy debugger

jwz helpfully points out that gdb isn’t very… deterministic. Which of course reminds me of the time I found out that gdb can add but not multiply, and the time I found out that set follow-fork-mode really doesn’t.

Now that’s what I call a heat sink

On #mrl last night, we somehow got around to searching google for o_O, and came across this:

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