October 26th, 2014

Wicrawl – Getip Plugin

There is a new plugin now available for Wicrawl. Getip Plugin obtains AP’s public IP address by injecting traffic destined to a public IP address on the Internet. This plugin will work for unencrypted and WEP encrypted (easside-ng) networks. A special tool was developed just for this plugin called norside which takes care of traffic injection on unencrypted networks. Norside is fully compatible with buddy-ng server provided by folks at aircrack.

You can obtain this plugin by downloading the latest cvs release of wicrawl here. Looking forward to your comments and bug reports.


I found openpacket.org while doing a bit of RSS trolling this morning. I think it’s a pretty interesting idea, and I hope it catches on. The basic idea is to create an open online repository of packet captures for researchers to check out. You can even vote for your favorite packet captures (kind of a “hot or not” for packets, :) ). It looks like it was masterminded by Richard Bejtlich, who does other sorts of packety IDS goodness as well.

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