November 23rd, 2014

Defcon CTF pre-qual round

Backup your laptops, it’s already that time of the year again! As always we’ll be getting a few hackers together to play the pre-qualification round of the Defcon CTF game. Every year the competition gets even more fierce, but it’s always an amazing experience to play. If you’re interested in the MRL hacker-space near Boston, this would be a good time to drop in to see the space and meet some people. Email us at info -at- midnightresearch dot com for info.

Updates and changes

The site has had some recent hardware updates, so we should be able to run things a little more smoothly and hopefully also a little more stably now. We (still) have the hacker space near Boston, and so to help promote that we’re going to try to update and clean up the site a bit and post on some of the things that we have been working on. At one point we were keeping MRLB (Boston) separated from the main MRL site, but we realized that wasn’t a good idea, and so we merged everything into MRL. As part of starting to market a little more and try to recruit people, we’re also going to put up some more information and pictures of the space so that people can see what we’ve been up to and hopefully get involved a little more if you’re local.

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