November 22nd, 2014

James Atkinson to speak at Midnight Research Labs Boston on Thursday (June 25, 2009)

(Copied from the MRLB mailing list)

Howdy! I’m pleased to announce that THIS Thursday (June 25) at 6:30 PM,
Midnight Research Labs Boston will have a special guest speaker: Mr.
James Atkinson, who will be giving (if memory serves me correctly) his
“Kill Your Cordless Phone” talk.

***This talk will be announced and open to the general public, and WILL
REQUIRE AN RSVP as space is limited. Given the size and layout of MRLB,
we’ll be doing a bit of re-arranging to accommodate attendees.***

Please RSVP to rsvp001 @

We hope to see you there!

Here’s a brief bio on Mr. Atkinson (more at

James M. Atkinson is the President and Senior Engineer of Granite Island
Group – a prestigous veteran-owned company started in 1987 that
specializes in the electronics engineering field. Assuring the
protection of classified, confidential, privileged, or private
information against technical attack, eavesdropping, or exploitation,
Mr. Atkinson has earned the respect of the of the most public and
private global client base in the industry. Prior to 1987, Mr. Atkinson
served in the military, and had a nationally recognized background as a
computer hardware and software developer.

He is a counter-surveillance expert, communications engineer, security
consultant, and instructor with a reputation for designing and
installing some of the most powerful secure communications systems used
by both government agencies and major corporations. He has designed over
130 electronic and tactical products such as GPS devices, test
instruments, radio equipment, audio products, modified bouchons, HRT
devices, cryptographic equipment, surveillance devices, SIGINT/COMINT
products, and various other devices and systems.

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