November 24th, 2014

Chronology of Data Breach Update

I posted about this issue before a few months ago, but after recently looking to the statistics again I was pretty amazed and so I’m posting an update. keeps an updated list (as much as is possible) of the chronology of data breaches. In the last nine months or so the number of Data Breaches has almost doubled in number to 154,525,715! I would have guessed big numbers with the huge T.J. Maxx issue earlier this year, but those are pretty impressive numbers in any case. Over the last couple months there has been a listing for almost every single day.

A lot of the data has come from the guys over at attrition. They started a open source dataloss database as well as a mailing list for dataloss notification. These aren’t insignificant companies either — of the last ten issues posted, four of them were government agencies and two were large universities. Crazy stuff.

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