October 25th, 2014

Defcon 2008 CTF Update

1@stPlace has posted an update to their 2008 Defcon CTF page that includes all of the binaries from CTF (20-some different binaries in all) as well as the Shakespeare Challenge I mentioned in the last post. Time to break out the debuggers, :).

PS. Thanks to Doc Brown for pointing this out for me. :)

Defcon 2008 CTF Pre-quals

It’s finally here. The pre-qualification round for the Defcon CTF challenge happens just a couple short weeks away over the weekend of May 30th. Everyone sharpen your tools and prepare for a marathon — It’s almost go time.

Defcon CTF pre-qualification registration open

Looks like registration for the Defcon CTF is now open!

From Full-Disclosure:

Teams can be any size you’d like (more ninjas clearly == better) and each team will need to register before 1 June 2007 @ 2200 EST in order to get an account for the actual game. The top 7 teams qualify for a seat at the table at the proverbial ‘big show’ (the actual CtF competition) to be held at Defcon 15. Defcon takes place August 3-5th 2007 (https://www.defcon.org/) so make sure you clear all those WoW, D&D, and Eve-Online playdates off your calendar early.

Hack in the Box CTF source posted

The source, binaries, and even some solutions have been posted for the CTF game held at the Hack in the Box conference this year. They have posted details about the game itself including how the scoring works. A third party (matador) even started posting solutions to the challenges. You can find the binaries here, and the source code here.

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