November 24th, 2014

Wireless keyboards

I ran across this comic recently, and thought it was pretty funny. There’s more research being done on the topic these days, and I think it would be pretty interesting to take a closer look at it. The Gnu Radio project seems to be pretty popular. I’ll put it on the queue of things to do, :) .

Wii Forensics

Here’s a random white-paper of the day for you. It’s a paper on the Forensic Investigation of the Nintendo Wii. I was both interested and amused to find some real forensics work on that has been done on the Wii. Compared to the XBox and the PS3, it doesn’t look like there is a whole lot of easily attainable forensics evidence on a Wii. According to the paper this is mostly due to the lack of an internal hard-drive, on-board memory, and a proprietary OS/File-system.

He talks about the built-in system logging (play statistics that are held in the mail system), internet browsing & shopping, Mail and wireless components and briefly touches on mod-chips as well. He gives a process for performing the analysis and walks through each step. One random non-tech thing that he mentions is a case where a man catches his wife cheating on him by finding and examining a Mii character on his Wii.

I found the article on the website for the Small Scale Digital Device Forensic Journal (SSDDFJ). It looks like they have a few different papers on forensics for consumer-electronic type devices.

Pwnie awards

This is pretty funny, it’s the Pwnie Awards!.

The Pwnie Awards are an annual award ceremony celebrating the achivements and
failures of security researchers and the security community.

It will feature awards such as:

* Pwnie for Best Server-Side Bug
* Pwnie for Best Client-Side Bug
* Pwnie for Mass 0wnage
* Pwnie for Most Innovative Research
* Pwnie for Lamest Vendor Response
* Pwnie for Most Overhyped Bug

…and much more! Nominations are open until the end of the week. The ceremony
will take place next week in Las Vegas, stay tuned for more announcements.

PS. New stuff to come soon, we’ve been crazy busy hacking on wicrawl, and getting ready for defcon!

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