November 22nd, 2014

Netsec Podcast

Go check out the Network Security Podcast — MRL’s Zach Lanier aka Quine has been doing some extended guest appearances on the the show recently. The NetSec podcast is a good podcast I’ve been listening to recently that covers general network security and the relevant current news with insight from some industry veterans. Zach’s been in a couple different episodes as well as helping to cover defcon and blackhat including different interviews with the presenters.

Zach’s also been busy working on the new site that will have other information regarding the MRLB hacker space as it continues to be developed (more on this to follow). Zach’s posted a few times on this blog, and maybe when he’s not doing other security twit wrangling he’ll have some more time to post, :).

Hacker Media is a hacker podcast aggregator site. It takes a list of about 20 hacker/security focused podcasts, and rolls them all up into one RSS feed. It seems to have a decent list of podcasts, but I casually mentioned they should also add PaulDotCom as well.

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