November 24th, 2014

Current events

There are a few things coming up during the next week:

  • o Friday June 16th, Midnight Research Labs monthly meeting. This month we’ll be going over our participation in the recent Defcon CTF pre-qual event. I’ll be giving a “mini-presentation” on sensepost’s BiDiBlah (an “Automated Assesment Tool”). And we’ll also be playing with making some homemade FerroFluid after being inspired by a recent post (we’ll try to get some better pictures if it turns out).
  • o The RoboGames are this weekend. They are always fun, maybe next year we can compete.
  • o DorkBot SF is next wednesday, and they have some interesting topics (Liftport Space elevators, a quick presentation by one of the artists of the “FRANKENSTEIN THEORY AND ROBOTICS”, and others). Even if you don’t get to go to dorkbot, you should check out the gallery.
  • o BarCamp San Francisco is coming up 6/23-25. Looks like lots of interesting people will be there.

Let me know if you’ll be at any of these events, chances are that someone from MRL will be going. See you there!

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