November 24th, 2014

eEye research page

eEye just announced a new research page that covers various whitepapers, advisories and some previously unreleased tools.

From Marc Maiffret on the Full-disclosure list:

I am happy to announce to the first incarnation of On this site you can find everything from our previously released advisories to our previously unreleased research tools. A lot of these tools are seeing daylight for the first time outside of eEye so we do expect there to be bugs we have not noticed before. We definitely encourage your feedback. You can provide such feedback directly to research via

A couple of the new tools are:
o eEye Binary Diffing Suite
o Duster — Duster is the Dead/Uninitialized Stack Eraser

And they also have updates to BootRoot, and a related project called PiXiE which is a proof-of-concept network boot virus, for those of you moving to thin clients, you might want to double check the security of said systems. Looks interesting.

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