April 24th, 2014

eyes in the sky

In a step closer towards hover cars and Escape from LA meets 1984, the LA police are now testing unmanned flying security drones for surveillance of urban areas. They say they are considered for use in searching for suspects on the run and monitoring hostage situations, among other things.

In the past two years, the Sheriff’s Department has teamed with Octatron of La Verne, California, to develop the SkySeer, a five-pound UAV powered by replaceable battery that lasts about 70 minutes. It has aluminum and nylon fabric wings atop a Kevlar fuselage.

With a top speed of just under 29 mph, the unmanned plane is too slow for car chases.

You’ve gotta love it when Science fiction plot-lines converge in real life. Well, except when it’ll probably used to spy on you. Now we just need to hack into them and install wicrawl, :) .

“Snake Plissken” in Escape from LA.

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