April 25th, 2014

Fedex/Kinkos express pay hack

Apparently the FedEx/Kinkos Express Pay system has been cracked by Secure Science. While this in and of itself is entertaining, the aftermath is even more fun. According to Lance James on the bugtraq list, this was Kinko’s response:

"Our analysis shows that the information in the article is inaccurate
and not based on the way the actual technology and security function.
Security is a priority to FedEx Kinko's, and we are confident in the
security of our network in preventing such illegal activity."

This was his response:

As originally taken from here: http://ip.securescience.net/exploits/P1010029.JPG

2 Responses to 'Fedex/Kinkos express pay hack'

  1. 1sth
    March 2nd, 2006 at 12:53 am


  2. 2Midnight Research Labs – Fedex says hack is “no different than stealing”
    March 7th, 2006 at 3:25 am

    [...] As this story gets increasingly popular in the mainstream media, I’ll probably leave updates to them in the future, but here’s a quick last note about the issue.  Fedex has publicly stepped up to say that the hack is no different from stealing, and even though they’ve seen it in pictures, and seen it in movies, they’ll continue to evaluate the claims made by Secure Science.  According to the article, only after they had seen the video did they think it was worth some more investigation.  It seems like a whitepaper and pictures might have been enough for most people considering the potential they have to lose on this.  Hopefully they won’t shoot the messengers,  especially considering that they’re not releasing the magic three-byte code. [...]

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