October 22nd, 2014

January MRL meeting

        On Friday January 26th at 7pm PST we will be holding our monthly
        official Midnight Research Labs meeting.

        This month will be a mostly hands on meeting with some hardware hacking
        and random experimentation.  I want to finish motorizing the bi-quad
        antenna we were working on as a proof of concept for the larger (1
        meter grid) motorized antenna project.  There are some other ideas I
        had for how we can mount the larger antenna to make things easier, so I
        wanted to brainstorm on that.  I also finally got my teachers
        ferro-fluid kit with some neodynium magnets in the mail that we can
        play around with that (if someone has a good small (<4 oz) glass
        container we can use, please bring it).  Hopefully we'll be able to see
        what it should really look like this time, :)

        I also thought we could try some of the "non-newtonian-fluids"
        experiments as well if we get bored.  We can vote on what we'd like to
        work on first.  I'd also like to kick off the next phase of wicrawl,
        and possibly hack on that if we have some extra time.

        Though ours would probably look more like on of the following:

        As always, anyone with cool toys, or interesting project ideas, bring
        them along.

        Light refreshments, pizza and beer will be served.  Note, this time
        we'll be serving food right at 8pm, so don't be late.

                Phase 0x0: Bootstrapping
                  - Greetings and welcome
                  - MRL updates and status
                Phase 0x1: Initialization
                  - Antenna and hardware hacking
                  - Ferro fluids
                  - Non-newtonian fluids?
                Phase 0x2: Local exploits
                  - Food
                  - Off topic tools, toys and other shiny things -- If anyone
                    has any interesting to show off or play with, please bring
                  - Whatever till whenever -- This is the more social
                    part of the event.  People are invited to stay and
                    hack and have a couple drinks till whenever this
                    phase is no longer self-sustaining, =)

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