October 25th, 2014

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The metasploit team has a blog now, and they recently posted a fantastic walkthrough where they develop an exploit for a recent vulnerability.

Today, I spent most of the day upgrading one of my WRT54G units to OpenWRT, which got a serious case of the awesomes when I wasn’t looking. Not only did they expand the supported platform list to devices far beyond the original WRT54G (why didn’t someone tell me that Asus was selling one with USB ports?!), they also created a nifty package system so you can install whatever you need without resorting to building custom firmware. And yes, they finally added JFFS2 and compression to the firmware so you can save /etc to the flash disk.

Then, I tried to make their OpenS/WAN package talk to a Cisco PIX at Digital Revelation labs and a Sonicwall at a customer office. It was painful. I got it mostly working like this:

conn hsq

The problem is that the Sonicwall isn’t running SonicOS, it’s running “firmware 6.6″, which is apparently something different.  So, it turns out that just about every howto I read on the subject was wrong.  You also have to turn on nat_traversal if you want to route packets from machines other than the router — even though OpenS/WAN isn’t configured to use it.

You also have to add routes going back to you on every machine on the remote network you want to talk to.

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