October 25th, 2014

MRL February meeting (new location)

                Fellow Hackers, Slackers, and Code-crackers:

        On Friday February 16th at 7pm PST we will be holding our monthly
        official Midnight Research Labs meeting.

        *** Important note:  This month we will be holding MRL at a new location.  ***

        This month will be focused on lockpicking.  Jason will be giving a
        presentation on lockpicking.  We will also have a lock-picking contest
        after the presentation, so bring locks or a set of picks if you
        have them.

        I'll also bring the motorized antenna we were working on last month.

        Light refreshments, and pizza will be served.  Note, this time we'll be
        serving food right at 8pm, so don't be late.

                Phase 0x0: Bootstrapping
                  - Greetings and welcome
                  - MRL updates and status
                Phase 0x1: Initialization
                  - Lockpicking presentation
                  - Lockpicking contest
                  - Motorized antenna
                Phase 0x2: Local exploits
                  - Food
                  - Off topic tools, toys and other shiny things -- If anyone
                    has any interesting to show off or play with, please bring
                  - Whatever till whenever -- This is the more social
                    part of the event.  People are invited to stay and
                    hack and have a couple drinks till whenever this
                    phase is no longer self-sustaining, =)

        This is an "invite only" event, so, don't distribute the location to
        just anyone =).  That being said, we're still looking for active
        members, so if you know someone that would be interested in
        contributing and want to sponsor or vouch for them, feel free to bring
        them along (let me know in advance if possible)

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