October 21st, 2014

MRL September meeting

Fellow Hackers, Slackers, and Code-crackers:

On Friday September 15th at 7pm PST we will be holding our monthly
official Midnight Research Labs meeting.

This month I (Aaron) will be giving a mini-presentation on an
introduction to distributed cracking with clusters, which leads to a
new potential MRL project (wicrack). Depending on time, I may even
have a proof of concept ready. We'll potentially be poking at some
hardware that Jason is bringing, and we'll also be doing a "glowing
electric pickle" experiment (this time without fire or law enforcement :).

As always, anyone with cool toys, or interesting project ideas, bring
them along.

Light refreshments, pizza and beer will be served.

Phase 0x0: Bootstrapping
- Greetings and welcome
- MRL updates and status
- MRL projects update
Phase 0x1: Initialization
- Mini-presentation: Intro to distributed cracking with clusters
- wicrack brainstorming
- Poking at hardware
- Electric glowing pickle experiment
Phase 0x2: Local exploits
- Food
- Off topic tools, toys and other shiny things -- If anyone
has any interesting to show off or play with, please bring
- Whatever till whenever -- This is the more social
part of the event. People are invited to stay and
hack and have a couple drinks till whenever this
phase is no longer self-sustaining, =)

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