November 22nd, 2014

MRLB 082709 — Burp suite presentation

Here’s some information on our next MRL Boston meeting coming up this Thursday.

From the meeting announcement:

Start: 2009/08/27 18:30
End: 2009/08/27 20:30
Timezone: America/New York

For our meeting for Thursday, August 27, we’ll *finally* be given the
long-awaited “Burp Suite” presentation by our very own Craig Ingram
(cji). For those of you not familiar with Burp Suite [1], it’s a web
application attack/testing tool consisting of a proxy, spider,
fuzzer/brute forcer, session token analyzer, and more.

Craig will discuss Burp in a bit more detail, give us some tips and
tricks he’s picked up, and demonstrate Burp’s use against a sample web

Hope to see you there!

[1] –

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