November 21st, 2014

Playing with Decipher Dog

Uh, wow.

(from )

Hi Kids!
Welcome to the NSA/CSS Kids page.

We’re the CryptoKids and we love cryptology.

What’s cryptology? Cryptology is making and breaking codes. It’s so cool. We make codes so we can send secret messages to our friends. And we try to figure out what other people are writing about by breaking their codes. It’s a lot of fun.

On this site, you can learn all about codes and ciphers, play lots of games and activities, and get to know each of us – Crypto Catâ„¢, Decipher Dogâ„¢, Rosetta Stone, Slate, Joules, T.Top, and, of course, our leader CSS Sam.

I like how they actually bothered to trademark all of the characters…

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