November 26th, 2014

RSA Conference

In case you missed it, today was the second day of RSA Conference and Expo in San Jose. I got a free pass for the Expo only so here is a writeup of what I have seen there today. I tried to avoid any large companies that usually bring mostly sales people to Expos like this one. It is much more exciting and interesting to look at the smaller companies usually stuck to the corners of the expo hall. One of them, Cryptometrics, was showing off their biometrics tracking software and hardware already used in European airports. They are using a combination of rfid and body heat tracking to know exactly where you are in the airport. They also take a picture of your face at the check-out and verify your picture again just before you board on the airplane to make sure you didn’t swap tickets with anyone. Cryptopmetrics, already has the technology ready for the new US Passports with RFIDs in them. As I have found out the new US Passports are going to have some type of shielding to prevent unauthorized activation of RFIDs, all of the information transfered is still going to be in clear text though. Another interesting booth was Biopassword. They have implemented a system that not only gets the login and password from you, but also records how you type them (speed, pauses, rhythm, etc.). Renesas had a lot of smart card and biometrics as usual. I had some fun playing with their finger vein-map biometric reader and musing about how to get the system to work with my finger cut off. Great technology, just make sure your finger is not too cold or else the reader will not be able to read your vein signature, so no trying to get in your house when it’s cold, sorry. And of course, Arxan, they are the guys who work for the spooks making anti-tampering systems that will self-destruct, explode, melt, and other fun stuff when you try to tamper with their systems. In case you are wondering what our government is using to secure their wireless communications, you should visit Fortress Technology booth. They only do layer 2 though, but their stuff sits on pretty much every branch of US government out there. Lot’s of people doing security appliances, but those are usually the types of people who can’t tell apart symmetric from asymetric encryption. Same with content management, lot’s of companies doing pretty much the same thing. Sith and me will try to make it to the Expo tomorrow, so stay tuned for more news.

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