November 24th, 2014

Shmoocon ’06

Just checking in after meeting up at Shmoocon
this year. The conference was good, especially considering that it’s only a
second year con. Attendance was sold out at 800 people, and the additional
tickets on ebay were getting pretty expensive.

Highlights include:

Chilling with MRL people

We couldn’t seem to get all the slackers in the same room, but I was able to meet some people that were previously “virtual only”. Thanks to Focus for putting me up at his place, and showing me around. =)

Kaminsky is always a lark

Most of this talk was “the same-old”, but he also spoke a bit about network visualization with his new tool “xovi”.

Raw Fake AP, and Raw Glue AP and ??

I missed this talk by the guys at France Telecom, but heard about some new tools that werereleased. Raw Fake AP is a newer version of Fake AP that eliminates the obvious fingerprinting so you it’s harder to find the “real” AP in the noise.Glue AP sounds pretty cool too. It listens for the broadcast SSID request sent out when certain client cards start searching for a network. Glue AP then emulates whatever the card islooking for, and in some cases, the client will auto-join that network.

“Mystery tool” — I still want know what this one was, =). I’ve emailed them to try to get their slides, it doesn’t look like they’re posted yet on the shmoocon site.

H1kari and “cardbus bus-mastering: owning the laptop”:

This was interesting and informational, though unfortunately the demo part was eighty-six’d at the last minute. Instead David [someone?] spoke about weaknesses in USB, and the bottom line was that you could write directly into memory and own a system simply by plugging in a USB device. I’m still interested in H1kari’s company’s FPGA “on a stick” though, hopefully they’re not too expensive when they come out.

RenderMan (and others) and pre-hashed WPA passwords

‘genpmk’ (or maybe jdumas??) is supposedly a new tool for doing this kind of thing. Church of wifi has more details.

Oh, and by the way, all you windows weenies now have Kismet for windows.

Getting kicked out of the “mafia room” at the shmoocon party by famous Persian pop singers

Ok, we weren’t kicked out so much as edged out, but it took a little investigation to determine who the VIPs were. Their entourage was pretty intimidating too. The whole thing was a little surreal. I definitely had a little bit of “chest hair and over-sized sunglasses envy”.

An internet enabled arcade style crane

Somehow connecting random objects and making them either “internet enabled”, or “USB-powered” is always cool.

The .torrent’s of the talks and slides are supposed to be posted soon.
Someone post a comment if they see this before I do and I’ll update the post.

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