November 20th, 2014

Wifi Theremin

A theremin, for those who don’t already know, is a musical instrument that varies the pitch based on your proximity to an antenna, and varies the volume based on your proximity to another antenna. It’s a touch-less device, and you’d probably recognize the sound from old sci-fi movies (listen to the vibrato whistling sound in the background).

Here’s an example of a theremin:

So what does this have to do with anything? I wrote up a script that has the same functionality that uses a wifi device and its signal strength to control the frequency and volume. Yeah, pretty useless, but yet here it is. We actually did this a couple years ago at MRL, but that version was even more of a hack. This version will actually interpolate the pitch as the signal strength jumps around and is threaded so the sound is a little smoother. This version also allows for a second control (wifi interface) that corresponds with the volume so it is a little bit more like a real theremin. There’s still a decent amount of latency though, so you can’t really use it to create useful music.

Here’s a short sample of what it sounds like when you run it from my system. Now isn’t that a beautiful sound, ;) .

I started creating this on my mac book pro, but after realizing the embedded antenna is pretty difficult to control the signal strength from, I added support for linux. It’s not doing anything fancy for reading signal strength (just parsing CLI utils), so I’m not sure how portable it really is. Also, it does have a couple dependencies on audio libraries, but they’re pretty easy to install (in case you really care).

Anyway, Have fun!

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