October 21st, 2014

Debian Security Pkgs

Note: this project is no longer active

Lots of these packages have been integrated into the standard debian tree. While there are some that haven’t made it yet, we haven’t been keeping up on this project for some time, and so the packages are quite stale and shouldn’t be used.

This is a general and ongoing project to fill the gap in debian packaging for security tools. We have an apt repository for the packages (.deb’s) we’ve created from existing tools. Some have been written by MRL, but most are other GPL packages created by the security community at large. This is the list so far, please email me (aaron [{at}] midnightresearch) if you have an update for one of these packages, or if you have ideas for other things that need packaging.

If you want to track this as an apt source, please add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list :

deb http://midnightresearch.com/local/debian etch main contrib non-free

Packages on the list so far (note that not all of these are created yet):

  • http://www.wardrive.net/wardriving/tools — look through here
  • IRpet (done 0.2)
  • aircrack (done 2.41 (There is an official package for this, but it’s old))
  • surveysays (done 0.1)
  • memfetch (done 0.5b)
  • 2c2 (done)
  • fakebust (done 0.02b)
  • wepwedgie
  • weplab (done by someone else)
  • chopchop
  • nfswatch
  • void11
  • apradar
  • aphunter
  • cdpsniffer
  • coWPAtty
  • fakeap (done 0.3.1)
  • libradiate
  • Net::Mac::Vendor
  • THC tools? (LEAP Cracker)
  • wellenreiter ??
  • opensims
  • unicornscan
  • yersinia
  • cruiser (also from dyadsecurity)
  • sinFP — http://sourceforge.net/projects/sinfp/


  • Actually sign packages
  • Make the list of packages a table and add websites, status, version, etc
  • Finish the list of packages, and email maintainers
  • Figure out how Ubuntu fits into all of this

Just for grins, here’s a link to the chopchop source (for some reason it was hard to find).

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