November 25th, 2014


This page is a list of all MRL projects, but also includes many smaller tools/hacks that might not deserve their own individual project page.

#TODO Fill in all the other projects, etc.

Name Author(s) Homepage Description
wicrawl Aaron Peterson, Jason Spence, Peter Kacherginsky, Brian Johnson Project Page Wifi Auditing Framework
SEAT Peter Kacherginsky Project Page Search Engine Assessment Tool — Google Hacking / Information gathering tool
depant Aaron Peterson Project Page Map out network services and try default passwords Aaron Peterson Initial post Create Unix password file from LDAP DB for password cracking/auditing Aaron Peterson Initial post Get your GPS location by the BSSID of the closest wifi AP using the SkyHook API Aaron Peterson Initial post Turn your wifi adapters into a theremin Aaron Peterson Initial post Dump TACACS+ (tac_plus) user config into a password file for cracking Aaron Peterson Initial post Simple TreeMap module in python

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