November 22nd, 2014


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Project info:

Wicrawl is a simple wi-fi (802.11x) Access Point auditor with a simple and flexible plugin architecture. The plugins allow us to find out useful information about an AP so we don’t have to manually check each access point. Plugins are implemented for existing common tools, and new plugins can be written in any language. Wicrawl is able to use multiple cards, and eventually will be able to use multiple computers.

The goal is to automate the tedious task of scanning wi-fi access points for interesting information. This can be a useful tool for penetration testers looking to “crawl” through massive numbers of APs looking for interesting data. Plugins will be everything from DHCP and nmap to aircrack or hooks to move a motorized directional antenna around.

Major features:

  • o Passive detection of Access Points (This means that if there are clients, we can find out the SSIDs from APs that have broadcast turned off).
  • o Support for multiple cards. Discovery can be run from one card, while the plugins can be run from the rest.
  • o Simple plugin interface with multiple Plugins (Basic association, DHCP, internet check, network mapping, WEP/WPA-PSK cracking, etc)
  • o Profiles to manage card scheduling and wicrawl usage (for example a profile for mobile users, and one for penetration testing).
  • o Support for multiple interfaces (GTK and status bar (with themes) now, text UI to come)
  • o Reporting and summary output in HTML, XML or Text
  • o Traffic packet logging in pcap format


We released the first version of wicrawl at Toorcon 2006, and more recently at defcon 2007 We need your help in testing, especially in testing the breadth of our card support, and testing plugins, etc. Currently it works on Linux only (hopefully bsd and mac versions to follow). Please let us know if you find any problems.

You can view the current list of plugins and their status here. You can also request or suggest new plugins there as well.

Bugs and Feedback:

If you find any bugs, please report it to [wicrawl-cvs {at}]. There is also a wicrawl-users@ mailing list you can subscribe to. If you’re having problems with running with a particular card, please update our wiki with your card information. We’re definitely interested in making sure we support all major card types, so again, please let us know if you have issues. Until it becomes too unwieldy, I’m going to track bugs on the wiki.


(updated 8/4/2007)
Latest version: wicrawl-0.4a.tgz.
Daily CVS snapshot: wicrawl-cvs.tgz
Backtrack Slax module (for v2): wicrawl-0.4a-backtrack2.lzm


Here is a screenshot of the GUI:

Here are some more screenshots as well.


  • o Aaron Peterson — Project Manager and Developer
  • o Jason Spence — Developer
  • o Peter Kacherginsky — Developer
  • o Brian Johnson — Developer


  • o Matthew Benenati

This project is under active development. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

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