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H.D. Moore

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H.D Moore (born 1981 in Hawaii) is a notable security researcher, developer, and presenter. He has developed a number of highly successful tools like NLog and Metasploit Framework.


[edit] Biography

During his fifth grade H.D. studied BASIC programming, by seventh grade H.D was introduced to BBS scene. In high school Moore developed hacking programs for AOL and IRC. In 1997 H.D. dropped out of high school to concentrate on computer hacking as a result he have developed one of the first remote control trojans in visual basic only a few months ahead of Back Orifice. By the time H.D. was 17, he has released NLog - nmap log management and analysis tool. NLog brought H.D. Moore to the spotlight when he was invited to deliver a presentation at SANS Institute.

[edit] Employment

At the age of 17 H.D. started working for CSC developing various security assessment tools to test military networks. At the same time, he releazed several open-source security tools like Spidermap, phpDistributedPortScanner, and others.

In December of 1999, H.D. left CSC and started security consulting for a year until he joined Digital Defense in January 2000. Currently H.D. Moore works as the Director of Security Research for BreakingPoint Systems.

[edit] OSVDB

While attending Defcon in 2002, H D Moore was instrumental in conceptualizing the Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) and participated in its original design.

[edit] Metasploit Framework

The Metasploit Framework is H.D.'s largest contribution to the security community. It was released in July of 2003 with a goal of simplifying effort required to develop working exploits. This tool was released to counter a growing tendency of exploits being released to a select few paying subscribers and the overall commercialization of security community.

[edit] A Month of Browser Bugs

In July of 2006 he have once again communicated his philosophy of open disclosure by organizing A Month of Browser Bugs where for the duration of a month a unique exploit was released every day.

[edit] Tools

[edit] Presentations

[edit] Books

[edit] External Links

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