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20:48 <@alpen> question from another chan: "i wonder how many ugly women stevie wonder has had sex with"
20:58 < quine-> Zero.
20:58 < quine-> He can smell ugly.
20:59 <@alpen> tru
20:59 < quine-> Sensory deprivation has left that man with some crazy Toucan Sam "follow my nose AWAY from nasty hoes" superpowers.
05:52 < procto> I'm afraid that would be like putting your dick into a hollowed out jenga tower
Procto: "The smell of pickling brains. Ugh. If I see a brain, I just start drooling."
Procto: "It was my emergency underwear...all compressed into this opaque shopping bag...
and she was so pleased that I put everything into individual baggies."
Alpen: "I saw this really short skirt once. It wasn't in a lingerie store or anything. It was a regular store."
Quine: "Baby Gap?"
Quine: "Would you love me more if I excreted pizza from my nipple?"
"Is that system old enough for OpenBSD to support it?" -- as heard when putting the lab together
"Have you seen _Bye Bye Birdie_?  It's like in the second number where..."  *interrupted by gales of laughter*
"Oh, I know, we can use the crotch cam..."
"And *that's* why I implemented the 'rock paper scissors' algorithm" (on RTOS IO scheduling)
"Dude. Shirts aren't meant to be compiled." -- during a group effort to find bugs in the code printed on a t-shirt
MMM, forbidden data sheet </homer voice> - spence
<cybernmd> gay rabbais keep me busy
I have the entire internet in my pants - spence
Now you owe me a dollar - as heard from the back seat of my rental car full of hackers
"But I only know enough binary to ask where the bathroom is..." -- Bender
<@cybernmd> do you know how HTML tag sounds in korean?
<bulgoki>what the crap?</bulgoki>
"What is Kevin Mitnick?" -phocus
Peter: So this MRL meeting was pretty good. Lot's of people, interesting experiments.
Aaron: Yeah, except for the part that cops are chasing us right now
<@thalakan> actually object fortran is kind of hot
<cybernmd> it's like giving birth to every pixel
<fooburger> hey.. electrons need to divert through the strip club occasionally too!
(from random full-disclosure thread): "Parsing malicious input with shell
commands is like disarming land mines with a hammer.  And doing it as root?
That's like disarming land mines with a hammer while you're stark naked."
8' PenguinMissiles now available - only $1,295 in lots of 10, H-E warhead
included, transport, license, and sleds additional NO SALES TO NINJAS
thalakan_ points
<@dfy> pointing has no meaning in this corner of cyberspace
thalakan_ points to the vector [0.37 0.00 0.37]
dfy squares .37 and gets .1369 and Ha:    unlucky cocksucker
<@dfy> does Jason have that midget's phone number? => not found
02:23 <@cybernmd> oh man, i've just obliterated Common Criteria in the report
02:23 <@cybernmd> to summarize 5 pages of proof why it sucks
02:24 <@cybernmd> 8====D˜˜˜˜  Common Criteria
cybernmd: My wireless is associated to, uhmm, roflcopter? wtf?
<thalakan> heh, so the progression of failure is
<thalakan> it doesn't work < it exploded < it gets you fired < 
it killed someone < it killed lots of people < it gets your penis 
taken away
00:19 -!- azn_jesus changed the topic of #mrl to: MOON THE ROOT (hic)
00:28 < cybernmd> copy that
<azn_jesus> Did I ever tell you about the time I got stuck for all eternity?
<sith> ok, so it turns out that drunk complex regular expressions are harder
than normal regular expressions.
<sith> i call them DPCRE's...
<azn_jesus> friends don't let friends do regexes drunk
** (.:5707): CRITICAL **: gtk_pizza_set_size: assertion `pizza != NULL' failed
<azn_jesus> -.. ---   .. -   ..-. --- .-.   - .... .   .-.. ..- .-.. --..
<widge> what is that?
<azn_jesus> morse code
<wireman>    doit? do?
<wireman> lulz?
<wireman> lor   the?
<azn_jesus> do it for the lulz
<wireman> y can't said lulz do it for themselves? they have the technology and excellent funding
<sith> so, pwn ups teh intertubez... I just got FiOS installed yesterday. 
iphelix needs more fiber in the diet
(sitting on the beach)
<dbsynergy> why do stars twinkle?
<Fpenguin> because they're fucking suns and they're fucking far away
<dbsynergy> that is the most technical answer that I have ever heard

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