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Wicrawl Troubleshooting

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The first thing to know about wicrawl, is that if you're not able to manually configure it in the way that you're trying to use wicrawl, wicrawl probably won't be able to do it either. For example, if you try to associate to an access point manually, and are unable to, most likely wicrawl will not be able to either.

[edit] MadWifi Issues

Short Version: Enable the madwifihack in /etc/wicrawl/wicrawl.conf. See below for details.

The latest madwifi drivers (as of about 8/10/07) don't allow you to use monitor mode and STA mode on the same interface. Instead you have to create a Virtual AP (VAP) with the type of interface you desire (which show up as seperate interfaces, for example ath0 and ath1). The cool thing about this is that it allows you to have monitor mode, and still be associated at the same time (through two different VAPs on the same physical interface, so of course you need to disable channel hopping on the monitor mode interface, and can only monitor the channel that you are associated on).

For wicrawl, this means that you can run discovery through one interface, and on another interface you can run all of the plugins (note: you have to set these up beforehand with wlanconfig). There are a few issues with this though. First, you have to make sure that you're running discovery on the correct interface, otherwise it won't work (remember there is a dedicated VAP for normal use, and one for Monitor mode). What happens when you try to run plugins on the Monitor mode only interface, is it will cause false positives (in the plugins), because for some reason (bug in madwifi drivers?), it will show that you are associated, even though you are not. Sometimes the whole driver will just lock up and you won't see *anything* on either the station or monitor mode interface. Possibly even worse than that, is that when you try to associate with the monitor mode interface, it appears to screw up the first STA VAP interface as well such that it can't associate either.

To work around these issues, enable the 'madwifihack' in /etc/wicrawl/wicrawl.conf, and use two different interfaces (one monitor, and one station). In the interface selection make sure that you use the monitor mode interface for the "discovery" interface, and you can use whatever interface (the madwifi station interface, or a completely different interface) for the plugins interface(s). Enabling the madwifi hack will tell wicrawl not to do discovery while running plugins (otherwise the plugin interface would be channel hopping, and no plugins would work properly), and not to schedule the the discovery interface to run plugins (normally it would schedule the unused interface to run plugins when discovery is stopped, but since this interface is monitor only, we can't use it to run plugins).

Note: If your interface does get wedged and you can't see anything on the monitor mode interface (to test you can run tcpdump on it, and normally you should see a bunch of radio beacons, etc, and if not, it's probably horked), you'll need to reload the drivers (rmmod/modprobe) before it will work again because it's not seeing any traffic.

If anyone knows differently about how you can have a single interface that can be put into both monitor and station modes, *please let us know*!!!

See here for more details:

[edit] Building

Need libpcap-dev

Need XML::Smart (perl-module)

Need GTK2 (perl module)

Need libssl-dev

[edit] Errors and fixes

Possible unintended interpolation of @BASEDIR in string at ./wicrawl-gtk line 104

Sorry, this is me being lazy about (determining) setting the base directory in the original source files. Currently you need to run make install, which interpolates the value during installation to set the basedir. Alternatively, you can manually set the basedir in the script. Hopefully we can fix this soon, what we need to do dynamically determine the absolute path. I'm sure there's a perl module for this.

Make fails in cowpatty build (need exact text)

cowpatty requires openssl to build. If you know the exact package names that resolve this, please update here (and let us know so we can update the build requirements).

install libssl-dev to get past cowpatty errors

Ubuntu 6.06 and 6.10 seem to install libpcap0.7-dev by default. You must explicity install libpcap0.8-dev, otherwise you'll get the following error.

cc -pipe -Wall -DOPENSSL  -g3 -ggdb cowpatty.c -o cowpatty utils.o md5.o sha1.o -lpcap -lcrypto
cowpatty.c: In function ‘getpacket’:
cowpatty.c:294: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘pcap_next_ex’
/tmp/ccTeYh6l.o: In function `getpacket':
/home/dave/wicrawl-cvs/plugins/cowpatty-wpa-psk-bruteforce/cowpatty/cowpatty.c:294: undefined reference to `pcap_next_ex'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [cowpatty] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/dave/wicrawl-cvs/plugins/cowpatty-wpa-psk-bruteforce/cowpatty'
make[1]: *** [wicrawl] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/dave/wicrawl-cvs/plugins'
make: *** [wicrawl] Error 2

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