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Wicrawl Plugins

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Please feel free to add a new row with the status set to "Requested" if you have a good idea or a request for a plugin.

plugin name description status
aircrack-wep-cracking Crack WEP encryption with the use of aircrack-ng Done
check_internet Checks internet connectivity (by way of icmp) Done
check_speed Checks latency of your connection Done
cowpatty-wpa-psk-bruteforce Uses coWPAtty to try to brute force the pre-shared-key for WPA Done
dhcp Uses DHCP to get an address on the local network Done
example-bash Example (template) plugin written in bash Done
example-perl Example (template) plugin written in perl Done
example-fortran Example (template) plugin written in fortran ;) Done
ext_ip Checks to see what your external IP is Done
gpsd Gets your GPS coordinates through GPSd Done
hold_internet Tries to hold your internet connection. Done
isassociated Checks to see whether you're associated or not Done
iwconfig_associate uses iwconfig to see whether you're associated to an AP or not Done
nessus Runs nessus against the AP (or default gw) (requires configuration) Done
nmap_plugin Runs nmap against the network to see what hosts are up Done
pickupline Attempts to bypass captive portals by assuming the identity of a local network user Done
random_mac randomizes your mac address before you connect Done
rogue_ap_check Checks to see if this AP is connected to your network by connecting to a known server Done
text_to_speech Announces new access points or internet connectivity Done
weplab-bruteforce Tries to bruteforce the WEP password based on dictionary words Done
MAC Manuf Detect Gives the manufacturer of the Access Point Done
Amaaa fui Plugin for LiNUX Text UI In alpha, test it and let us know
aircrack-ptw Crack WEP encryption with the use of the new ptw attack Done
apwebcrack Tries a default password list against the administrative interface for the AP Done
hotspot Performs a series of tests to defeat hotspot billing system (icmp out, dns out, lowercase http requests, etc. Most of these test are done in the internet check plugin now, but probably need to add tunneling mechanisms for them
metasploit-autopwn Runs metasploit autopwn plugin against the local network Comming soon
wesside Runs wesside tool to crack wep In development
sidejack Functionality similar to Ferret and Hamster or WifiZoo Requested

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